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AD 2015 ... Anno Domini - "In the Year of our Lord"

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Abortion regret

     There are women around the world who regret their abortions - their sorrow binds them into a somber sisterhood of loss. Sometimes, it helps to express heart-held grief through a creative medium. We like this monument commissioned by a group of young mothers in Slovakia, donít you? What words of healing and forgiveness would you express to a friend who regrets her abortion?

In New Litigation, Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

     A new trend in litigation should provoke indignation among those of us who cherish life across the country. Increasingly, parents are suing doctors for "wrongful birth," claiming their disabled child did not receive a proper genetic screening. If they had, and the adverse information had come to light, the parents testify that they would have aborted their child. In "wrongful life," the parents sue the doctor for damages because their child was born. The suits exact a heavy price on children, who repeatedly hear that they are "damaged" and "defective." Such suits should be disallowed. Life is a precious gift, and the law should penalize actions aimed at destroying innocent life. It's a sad commentary on our culture that people who suffer handicaps are deemed unwelcome by their own families who seek to exploit their birth for the sake of financial gain.

article used with permission, Copyright © 2002, Family Research Council, Washington Update


     Sanctuary is listed with ICRA, ICCS and SafeSurf as a family rated site.
     The links and information provided in this section do not fit within those guidelines! The new ratings are done, and the html has been added. If you are supposed to be filtered, and got into this section by mistake, check your settings. If you are under 18, or have children around you, please exit this page NOW. (If you are under 18, pregnant, and considering abortion, maybe you should come on in.) There are graphic descriptions and pictures of a very violent and graphic nature beyond this point. 

This is your only warning. Proceed beyond at your own risk.

     There is only one unforgivable sin, and that is Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit. There is only ONE worthy to judge each and every one of us, and that is Jesus Christ, the only one ever to die for sin while without sin. This section is NOT intended as judgment against ANYONE who has made mistakes. It IS in judgment of those who misinform and outright lie to the public! And it is to get Christians who never stand for ANYTHING to maybe take notice! This is truly a Pro-life section: against ALL killing of life. "It is appointed unto man once to die, and after that, the judgment."


Psalm 139:14-15

     Let's define "legal." Are abortions "legal?" It depends on the laws you are looking at now, doesn't it? OK, in a court of LAW, is abortion "legal?" Unfortunately, yes. But there is a higher court. And no, I am NOT talking about our supposed "Supreme Court." Whether you believe or not, and/or accept it or not, we are ALL going to stand soon before another court, a TRULY SUPREME Court, held by the God of the universe. And in His court, abortion is not, was not, and never will be "legal."

     Now, let's define "accomplice." What IS an accomplice? It's someone who either deliberately aides in the commission of a crime, or also someone WHO KNOWINGLY LET A CRIME OCCUR, without taking any "reasonably prudent" steps to do anything about it.

Crisis Averted: Spitzer Clears New York CPCs

On the heels of a questionable investigation by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, the Birthright Crisis Pregnancy Center has reached an agreement with the state that may protect other CPCs from the same fate. Charged with misleading advertising and inappropriate medical counseling, Birthright clarified its practices to the satisfaction of Spitzer, who indicated that he may withdraw the remaining subpoenas pending against other CPCs. Let's face it: these were illegitimate concerns prompted by none other than the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), which feels threatened by the mission and success of CPCs. Obviously, this investigation represents an abuse of power by the Attorney General, who was dragooned into the service of NARAL's political agenda. This is a dangerous proposition when the end game isn't liberty and justice for all, but a ploy to stifle the pro-life movement. We applaud CPCs across the country for working effectively and conscientiously, despite the scrutiny.
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